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Based on neologism which became a real activity since I am living in the UK, I would like to dedicate this blog to all my English speakers mates and my Mom who made me discover the fantastic possibilities of mixing languages to make up new words... :)


Bon voyage

Sorry but this title does not means I am going to leave the web to write elsewhere - this is just to mention and explain my recent silence as I recently moved country and even continent. And nope, I did not decide to go back to the old and so-called continent where is motherland but I crossed the pond to live in NYC. So I can wave to the place I was born straight from the bottom of the new island I decided to live in - same ocean, all good.

My neologism will now have a pinch of ketchup then - as I already swapped lifts for elevators. Some things though will remain the same and be sure that my water will remain sparkling... 

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